Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Ligers and Zorses Sure, but Orangutan-men?



Did you ever wonder what a cross between a tiger and a lion or a horse and a zebra would look like? As it turns out, these creatures are part of the same respective "kinds" which means hybridization is very possible. The consequent "ligers" and "zorses" are evidence of the fact that these creatures are closely related. This gets some evolutionists very excited, and leads them to ask the question, does the same hold true for men and apes?

Back in the 1920's Russian zoologist Ilya Ivanov (funded by the Soviets) attempted to produce human-ape hybrids in order to demonstrate evolution in action.
"Charles Lee Smith wrote that the objective of Ivanov's experiments was to achieve 'artificial insemination of the human and anthropoid species, to support the doctrine of evolution, by establishing close kinship between man and the higher apes.' The project was supported by The American Association for the Advancement of Atheism because it was seen as 'proof of human evolution and therefore of atheism.' When applying to the Soviet government for funds, Ivanov emphasized the importance of his research for anti-religious propaganda."
Needless to say, Ivanov's experiment was a complete failure.
"Today we know it will not be successful for many reasons, and Professor Ivanov's attempts are, for this reason, a major embarrassment to science. One problem is humans have 46 chromosomes--apes 48--and for this reason the chromosomes will not pair up properly even if a zygote is formed. Another problem is a conservatively estimated 40 million base pair differences exist between humans and our putative closest evolutionary relatives, the chimps. These experiments are the result of evolutionary thinking and they failed because their basic premise is false."
Read the article published by ICR here.


  1. One might ask why these evolutionists are so intent on proving Darwinism anyway, especially by attempting to devolve man. According to their own worldview they must be more evolved than the poor people (us) who put "faith over science" and therefore, if they were at all consistent, they would just ignore us, knowing that eventually our inferior race would die out as man continued to evolve.

  2. I think the reason they are so concerned about "proving" themselves right is rooted in something very few evolutionists want to admit. They have "faith" too. In fact, just to accept their theory they must elevate "faith over science," positing certain foundational assumptions about the universe, and then strive to bolster their speculation with scientific "evidence." (See! We were actually right about transitional forms!)

    Also, Darwinism is about far more than monkeys as I'm sure you know. It provides a social construct without God, without Biblical Law and morality, the perfect environment for tyrannical governments to manipulate their subjects--all under the deceptive veil of "societal betterment." Thus, they MUST produce "evidence" or else people will notice that the emperor has no clothes.

    Providing a "link" between man and apes by means of hybridization is therefore necessary to their social agenda.

    By opposing their worldview, we pose a threat not only to "science" as they see it, but to the power that the evolutionary laboratories allow them to wield. And I'm not just speaking of totalitarian regimes either. This kind of man-centered materialism (fueled by evolutionary thought) is the foundation for abortion, eugenics and countless other abominations and social ills.

    Thanks for reading, Lydia!